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I don’t workout all that much. Don’t I need to be in shape to start something like CrossFit?

No. Not at all. CrossFit Manvel coaches scale the workouts to meet the current fitness level of our members. In fact, almost everyone that starts a CrossFit program has to scale the workouts to some degree. That is why people become a member of our CrossFit Manvel community to improve their current fitness level. We will continue to scale to match your measurable improvements and your ultimate fitness goals.

What all do I get with my membership?

First, you will achieve your PEAK physical fitness. Everyone that becomes a member of our community will constantly be challenged, and see measurable improvements. But, true fitness takes a balance of knowledge, diet, and physical ability. CrossFit Manvel is focused on giving you all the tools to balance and improve your fitness level. This will include additional meetings, workshops, seminars, workouts, and challenges on the weekends. Our members receive many of these events for free. The CrossFit Manvel coaches are deeply invested in all of our clients and have made it their passion in life to see our members improve their overall fitness level. These additional weekend events are a valuable way to help you achieve your goals.

Can I come workout whenever I want?

No. We only offer classes that are led and supervised by certified CrossFit instructors.

CrossFit sounds pretty cool can I come check it out?

Absolutely. We’d love to have you come out. To find out about our visitor policies please read all the details by clicking here.

Can I just show up and workout?

After joining our community all new members are required to complete our Elements workshop. Our Elements workshop is a focused session conducted by one of the certified coaches that will teach you the fundamental exercises and basic movements that we utilize to construct our workouts. This instruction is EXTREMELY beneficial to help familiarize you with the proper technique that will help to prepare you for the classes as well as help to prevent injury or slower improvements from improper form. The class lasts approximately one hour and has a one-time fee of $25 for the class.

To register for the Elements workshop, follow the link below to our online account and class registration system, click on the CROSSFIT ELEMENTS tab, find the workshop that will work for you, click the Sign Up Now button, and follow the simple instructions from there.  Click Here to sign up.